Jennifer Peever

Jennifer Peever

Registered Social Worker

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  • I am passionate about the mental health field because I am confident that it is a critical and commonly overlooked component of one’s idea of holistic well-being. The idea of being able to inspire a person to motivate themselves while instilling in them new resources to improve their own phycological well-being is the driving force that pushes me in my career. I utilize objective reasoning and apply critical thinking with my approach to obtaining a professional relationship with my clients. This practice and ideology has left me sincerely motivated with regards to my focus with clients.

I work with:

Specializing in Gender Identity, Anxiety/Depression, Concurrent Disorders, Grief Support, Emotional Regulation and Relationships. I am trained in a variety of therapies including Solution Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

My Mental Health Philosophy?

I possess a strong belief that every individual has room for growth. Every person is unique, beautiful, and inspiring, but can also become stuck, unhappy, and unable to live a fulfilling life. My passion and goals are to meet you wherever you happen to be in life and walk along side you on your journey to help you achieve success in your own individual pursuit of happiness.

Education and Credentials:

Honours Bachelor of Social Work - Algoma University

Master of Social Work - Laurentian University

Concurrent Disorder Certificate Program - University of Toronto

3 reasons why a client would benefit from working with me:

  1. I am solution focused. I know every single person has strengths and I am able to help you find yours and use them to the best of your ability to achieve the goals you are seeking.
  2. I have worked in many fields with very diverse populations throughout my carrier, from corrections to family and children and hospital settings. My diverse work experience and skills to tailor my approach to what will work best for each person allows me to meet you where you are to walk with you on your journey to where you want to be.
  3. People in general are my passion and I truly believe that every person can be exactly what they want and need to be. I love to be that person you take on your journey of growth so that we can celebrate all your accomplishments together.

Outside the Office:

  • "Practicing what you preach" and "leading by example" are two philosophies that I constantly exercise outside of the office. Life has no guarantees and withholds absolute certainty. I intend to live my life, accordingly, walking through its paces knowing and understanding that it is not some "static thing". I believe that it is ever evolving and unpredictable with regards to the idea that we have no absolute controls over the unpredictable factors surrounding it. In my own life, I constantly reinforce the practice of enjoying life's little moments. By doing so, I can fully experience and appreciate my time on this earth and the people I have the privilege to share it with.