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You want to feel better...we can help. 

Life is tough.

At times, problems can get too big to handle on your own. The important thing is that three significant steps have already happened... 



Where do we start
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You recognized that there is a problem. 



You have a desire to fix the problem. 



You found




Here's The Thing,

You are more capable than you realize. It may be that you haven't had the right support. At BRIDGEWAY, that's where we come in. 

We know the  right questions and we have the tools to help you fill your toolbox. When you have another day when you feel bad, and you want to feel better (because it happens) you'll have what you need to do it. 

Whether it’s a relationship, behaviours you want to change, goals you want to reach or thoughts you want to stop, we have the tools to help you. 


This looks like a really good conversation where you learn how to get where you want to be. It feels like connection with someone who genuinely wants to see you succeed. 

Therapy CAN Help You...


LEARN to engage with others and yourself in a more positive and productive way. 

REDUCE chronic stress and cope more effectively with everyday life. 

BUILD confidence in your abilities to work through hard things and find meaning in your experiences. 
UNDERSTAND yourself and other people in a different way.

OVERCOME feelings of DEPRESSION and rediscover joy in your life. 

​MANAGE ANXIETY symptoms and improve your quality of life.  

​OBTAIN and retain control of ADDICTION and live FREE from substance dependence.

PROCESS TRAUMA and break free from PTSD.

So... What's Next?

How we help


We set up a time to meet and discuss what brought you here. We like to take some time to get to know you, discover your goals and develop a customized plan for you. 

(days, evenings and weekends available)


...we meet regularly for 50 minutes. We guide you in uncovering the root of the problem, we support you in your process and teach you some new strategies. You begin to realize you have a lot of the right answers. You practise using your skills week by week until you feel...better. 


Bridgeway Clinicians

At Bridgeway Counselling, our clinicians are Masters of Counselling Psychology candidates and qualifying registrants with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Our accrediting therapists have diverse backgrounds, bringing their unique perspectives and abilities into their work with clients.

Meet Our Team

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Jennifer Nb.jpg

Jennifer Neeb

Clinical Director 

Amanda Rb.jpg

Amanda Rout 

Accrediting Therapist 

Brandileigh headshot_edited.jpg

 Brandi  Harriott

Accrediting Therapist 


How We Work

How we work




We identity your strong points and put these qualities to work! We often unlock new traits in the process.





You might be in a place where you feel stuck. We will meet you there.  You won’t find judgement here, but you can expect connection, genuine empathy and support.


Your story matters. Sharing the experiences that brought you here is important; we want to give your past the attention is needs and focus on meeting your future goals. 




We use proven therapies to help you challenge patterns, and take charge of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


We can help with...


Mental Health








Grief & Loss


 Virtual Practice

The convenience of virtual therapy allows us to come to you. Wherever your chosen location is, we can meet you there.

Affordable Counselling

50- minute individual counselling sessions

Associate rate:

$165.00- $210.00 

Accrediting therapist rate:


Sliding scale and accessible rates available


Covered by most insurance plans. Please make sure your specific plan covers "registered Psychotherapists" specifically.  


We are looking forward to meeting you! Let's set up a time for a complimentary consultation. 

What type of therapy are you looking for?
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